FAQ-Linear Integrated Systems(LiS)

1, 输入级的放大器

1.1 对管: LSK489,低噪声;2N5912系列,高频;LS830,低泄露/高阻;LSK389(A,B,C,D四档)

1.2 单通道: LSK189,低噪声;J210系列,高频;2N4117系列,低泄露/高阻;2N4416系列,高频

1.3 LSK170

2 除了在输入级,在不同的电路中都会用到开关




4 DMOS高速开关-用于红外的场合

SD210系列=single non diode protected gate

SD211系列=single diode protected gate

SD5000和5400系列=quad diode protected gate






8,参考设计: ADI参考设计 Some Tips on Making a FETching Discrete Amplifier By George Alexandrov and Nathan Carter


10,白皮书 3N163, 3N164辐射传感器设计和应用 Radiation Sensor Design and Applications:The 3N163,Mark Stansberry

11,用低噪声配对的双极型三极管对解决噪声困惑LS310&LS350系列 solving the noise puzzle with low-noise matched bipolar transistor pairs:LS310 & LS350 Series

12, AN105 将FET作为电压控制的电阻,FET s as Voltage Controlled Resistors,1997,Mar,10
13, AN104 SPICE参数用来选择JFETs,ed oxner,1994,Sep,01
14, AN102 JFET的偏置技术,JFET Biasing Techniques,1997,Mar,10
15, AN101 FETs的介绍 an introduction to FETs,1997,Mar,10
15, A Guide to Using FETS for Sensor Applications 在传感器应用中使用FETs的指南
16, 高速DMOS FET模拟开关和开关阵列 high Speed DMOS FET analog switches and switch arrays
17, LSK489应用手册 / LSK489 Application Note,Bob Cordell
18, Linear Tech 参考设计
18.1 AN-113 Power Conversion, Measurement and Pulse Circuits
18.2 AN-124 775 Nanovolt Noise Measurement for A Low Noise
19, Texas Instrument参考设计OPA172规格书第26页(LSK489作为前级放大)
20, Headphone Amplifier Evaluation Board 耳机放大器评估板
21, Consider the Discrete JFET When You Have a Priority Performance Objective,在你有一个高性能目标的时候,考虑分立JFET
22, AN103-The FET Constant-Current Source / Limiter FET恒流源/限幅器 1997,Mar,10

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