Microtech GmbH 产品线介绍

位于德国 , 1990年成立, 主营电阻, 温度传感器

1,汽车系列: SMD chip resistors, which meets the special requirements of the customers in the automotive industry 满足汽车电子的要求

2,低阻系列: SMD chip resistors, which can be used as current sensors 用于电流传感器

3, 高阻系列 : SMD chip resistors, which can be used in measuring amplifiers 用于测量放大器

4, 高功率系列 SMD chip resistors, specifically for use in power electronics and automotive technology etc. 用于电力电子和汽车技术

5, 可调系列: SMD chip resistors, whose resistance value can be self-adjusted by the customer for special applications

6, Pulse proof series, SMD chip resistors, wich can be used in power supplies etc. 用于电源供应

7, 网络, SMD chip resistors, specifically for use in highly integrated circuits 用于高度集成的电路

8, 薄膜系列: SMD chip resistors, which are used everywhere, especially if high precision and reliability is required, such as in medical, aviation or scientific equipment 用于高精度和可靠性的无处不在的场合,比如医疗,航空和科学仪器

9, 温度传感器: 贴片式的传感器用于温度测量和控制技术

10, Placemats (CUT-K), specific SMD component with the form of a metallized ceramic substrate wich is used as an assembly base

11, Testpoints, specific implementation of an SMD chip resistor (0 Ohm), which can be used as a measuring point on circuit boards 用于电路板的测试点

12, 补偿电阻: thin film chip resistor within low resistance range with a specifically produced temperature coefficient in the range of +2000 ppm/K

13, Heat-pipe, SMD component for use as a specific heat sink for circuit boards用于线路板的散热片

14, Matching resistors, specially selected chip resistors wich have a difference of resistance values of only +/-0.02% inside one packaging unit

二, 优势:


三, 应用:

1,风力发电 2,汽车电子 3,医疗电子 4, 工业电子 5,航空电子

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